The Jury for Filmmakers United International Film Festival (FUIFF) 2022

Bhasker Patel
British Film and TV Actor

Bhasker is well-known for his role as Rishi Sharma in the English soap series Emmerdale (ITV) and is a member of the famous Soap Opera Actor List. He is also known for his voice acting as Dilip on the animated series Ethelbert the Tiger and BBC Lingo show as Jaadu. Bhasker also had mentionable performances in films such as Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984), A Business Affair (1994), Thunderbirds (2004) and Pulp (2012).

This brilliant actor has always supported Indie filmmakers with their ambitious projects and now he is on board as a Senior Jury at the fast-growing FUIFF Film Festival.

Tania Staite
Film- and Theatre Actress and TV-Presenter

Tania is a London and Midlands-based actor, trained at Mountview with many years of experience in Film and TV. She has been an actor in films such as The Loft, the award-winning The Murder Express, Hunter in the Blue Side of Manchester and Crushed Wings and TV shows, such as Bid TV, Price Drop TV, Speed Auction TV and Psychic Today TV. Her films can be viewed on Netflix.

Manohar Verma (Action Manohar)
Award-Winning Feature Film and Web Series Fight Director/ Director/ Ad Film Director

His association with action and stunts has led him to be known as Action Manohar across the film industry and the commercial advertisements industry and has been associated with renowned Producers and Directors in the Film Fraternity. Known for his breath-taking shots, visuals and stunts, he has created a niche by working on various movies and web series - available on Netflix and Amazone Prime - as an Action Director, planning the choreography of action scenes and training the industry's top actors.

Manohar has been nominated for- and has received awards across Indian Cinema and the advertising industry.

Dr Karen Johnson
Human Rights Activist / Author / Model /
Brand Ambassador

Dr. Karen Johnson is the author of the autobiography Out of the Corner (2nd revised edition). For the last nine years, she has been supporting victims and survivors of domestic abuse with the aim to break the silence, encourage change and save lives. TV, Film, Media, Documentary or Talk Shows are a medium to her reaching a bigger audience to raise awareness. FUIFF is one of the ways she will utilise when possible for a bigger impact globally.